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Whitefield Bangalore

About Us

The Fat Chef is a casual, dine-in restaurant in Whitefield, Bangalore offering popular world cuisine. Attached to Jagriti Theater, a hub for the performance and visual arts in the region, The Fat Chef is a destination for anyone looking for a complete outing with theatre, good food and good wine. Located away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the ambiance at The Fat Chef is relaxing, and will evoke the nostalgia of charming old Bangalore.   Set in a large open space with a garden, patrons can choose either indoor or outdoor seating to enjoy a quiet meal in a home style setting. Children can play in the lawn, sniff around in the kitchen, check out The Fat Chef's custom designed aquarium or chat with

The Fat Chef


The Fat Chef welcomes pets.


The Fat Chef Team


Vandana Narula

The Fat Chef was Vandana's vision for a warm, friendly place that served the kind of food she was passionate about, a culinary journey that began at an early age and would bake a cake for her siblings, and her mother still says it was hard to believe a 10 year old could bake.

Vandana being very versatile around the kitchen can whip up a delicious meal in minutes and no points for guessing why she is in charge of the kitchen.


"The Fat Chef - It's more than a name. It's a sincere, infectious attitude."


Mayur Dev

Children who want to meet The Fat Chef end up finding Mayur. A 4th generation baker with more than a decade in the food and hospitality, Mayur is the public face of the restaurant. He manages the service and is responsible to ensure that the wine list is updated regularly. Like his co-founder Matheen Sait, Mayur dabbles antiques, and has a keen interest in aquatics (hence the aquarium at The Fat Chef).


"One of the nice things about life is the way we regularly stop whatever it is we are doing, and devote our attention to good food, good friends and great wine. That is exactly what we offer at The Fat Chef- our attempt at all of that!!"


 Matheen Sait

Matheen Sait is a dyed-in-the wool old Bangalorean, and manages The Fat Chef's operations. Coming from a family business background, he decided to start The Fat Chef with his wife, Vandana Matheen and his buddy Mayur Dev, after having exited a pretty successful catering business. Matheen has an interest in collectibles and eye for detail is reflected in the interiors of the Restaurants, and the curios that adorn its walls. 



"Tomatoes and Oregano make it Italian

Wine and Tarragon make it French

Sour cream makes it Russian

Lemon and Cinnamon make it Greek

Soy Sauce makes it Asian

The Fat Chef makes it all…"




 Meet up with The Fat Chef team and they will be happy to indulge you with the story of how the restaurant started and a lot of funny anecdotes related to it.