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Dining with Friends by FALCON NEWS.

"One of the nice things about life is the way we
regularly stop whatever it is we are doing, and
devote our attention to good food, good friends
and great wine. That is exactly what we thought
of and created The Fat Chef- our attempt at all
of that!!"
Walk into The Fat Chef, and that is exactly what
you will experience. It’s like you’re visiting friends
not dining at a restaurant. Located away from
the hustle-bustle of the city, The Fat Chef is an
open, sylvan and relaxing space, which evokes
the nostalgia of charming old Bengaluru. You can
choose to sit indoors or out and enjoy a quiet
meal in an ambience that’s warm and homely.
Children can play in the lawn, sniff around in
the kitchen, check out The Fat Chef's custom
designed aquarium and also bring their pets.
The Fat Chef is the realisation of Vandana Narula
and Matheen Sait’s vision of a warm, friendly
place that served the kind of food that this
husband-and-wife duo were passionate about.
Ask them what exactly that is and this is the
answer you get:

"Tomatoes and Oregano make it Italian
Wine and Tarragon make it French
Sour cream makes it Russian
Lemon and Cinnamon make it Greek
Soy Sauce makes it Asian
The Fat Chef makes it all…"

It’s not easy to be all things to all people, but
The Fact Chef makes quite a creditable job of
it. The menu has a fascinating diversity and yet
the experience is as authentic as it can be. The
lamb meat balls and hummus with pita bread are
a must do. And one would specially recommend
the beer battered prawns and fish-in-a-bag, if
sea food is your thing. The watermelon and feta time. They have a fund of stories to tell as well, so you
can have great fun engaging them in conversation.

Vandana’s culinary journey started young - as a
10-year-old she would cook and bake for her siblings.
Even today, all the sauces and masalas used at The
Fat Chef are personally made by her, which accounts
for the homely feel of the meal. She was running a
successful catering business, which she wound cheese salad goes down like a dream as well. If you’re
bored and want to explore something different, try
the prawn stuffed chicken or the mustard fish. Then,
of course, they have an excellent selection of wines to
pair with the food.
The consensus among The Fat Chef’s regulars (of
which there are more than a few) though is that the
best thing on the menu is the owners themselves.
Courteous, attentive and friendly, they make it a point
to visit every table and check if you’re having a good The consensus among

The Fat Chef’s regulars
though is that the best
thing on the menu is
the owners themselves.up in order to start The Fat Chef along with husband,
Matheen. With business in his genes, Matheen manages
the commercial and operational aspects, while Vandana
does what she does best, cooking up magic. It’s all not
about bean-counting with Matheen though. An aficionado
of curios and artifacts, pieces from his collection adorn the
walls of The Fat Chef, adding another quaint dimension to
its character that makes for a pleasing visual complement
to the culinary masterpiece on the table.

So, if you are looking to have a good time
with good friends enjoying good food and
good wine, The Fat Chef is good to go.

Address: No.19, Bright Farm,Thubarahalli Old Airport, Varthur Rd, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066.

+91 80409 92981

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